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tv   ABC2 News at 630PM  ABC  August 9, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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now, abc 2 news at 6:30. welcome to summer in maryland. the heat is on high, so is the humidity. they have been reaching dangerous levels today. good evening, i'm cristian safe schaefer, it's been a long time since we have had a hoot like this and we're going to get plenty more, baltimore city has declared a code red heat alert that runs now through thursday, cheryl connor has more, live from federal hill in baltimore. >> good afternoon, it's that mix of heat and humidity that makes you want another shower even after a few minutes of stepping outside. but as you can see plenty of people are getting out and enjoying the park on this sunday afternoon. we have been out here for a few hours with them on federal
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hill. dog owners are making sure their pets stay hydrated because today, tomorrow and tuesday, baltimore city is opening cooling centers where people can get out of the oppressive heat. today's temperature was in the low 90s but it felt like 100. tomorrow will feel even hot terp. it is the longest stretch of heat we have seen this summer and here is how people are coping. >> basically just how i feel and see them sweating or you know, getting cranky, i'll take them this to the cool air. >> drink plenty of fluids and try to stay cool and if you don't have to go outside don't go outside. you see where we are, inside under the air. >> reporter: certainly the best place to be. now here is a list of the cooling centers around the city. there are 6 that will open tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., each center has air conditioning, water and ice. we also have a list on our web site at the best advice i've heard this
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afternoon is to go prepared, but bring plenty of water if you have your dog outside and for yourself as well, really limit your time out here. make sure you know how long you have been outside. probably 30 minutes is almost of us, we can handle. as one woman put it we finally feel like we're in baltimore. we're live on federal hill, cheryl connor, abc 2 news. today's heat is bad enough, tomorrow expected to be a little bit worse. here is rice eberhart with the first forecast. >> the heat is on today but it is only going up from here. actually a lot of weather to tell you about this sunday afternoon, 92 is the current temperature at bwi but we see temperatures pushing the mid- 90s with heat indexes, or heat indices if you want to get technical eye above 105. noon through 10:00 p.m. going to be a score cher, this immediate afternoon we're watching some severe weather
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across parts of northwestern maryland. t storm watch up up through late tonight, here is what we're watching, a cluster of storms as it moves across cecil county right now. you want to be very mindful of the active weather as it pushes into your area. i think this is going to miss the city it but we're watching, again, some really active weather pushing in towards the elkton weather, more on this afternoon's thunderstorms and the big time heat headed our way. we'll be on that coming up. cristian. >> here is some advice that bears repeating when things get this hot outside. drink plenty of water and juice, you are supposed to avoid avoid alcohol and caffeine because they'll wear you out. watch for signs of exhaustion and heat stroke, confusion, nausea, light headed and a high body temperature but cold and clammy skin. for more on our heat wave and a
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list of centers that are open log onto our web site, we'll have a much more detailed forecast for us in just a few minutes. also tonight it appears that quick action by a train operator might have avoided another deadly accident on the washington, d.c. metro this year. back in marah safety system designed to help trains avoid crashes malfunctioned and that forced one driver to use and emergency break to stop the train. just months later this crash on the red line killed 9 people and injured several more. a study is expected in both incidents. investigators studying this incident learned about the other one from a committee that monitors dc's metro system. it will be a few days before we know the cause of the deadly plane crash. lenny williams and a friend died in that crash. they crashed in a corn field in key march west of taneytown.
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authorities are still trying to figure out why the airplane went down. the owner says his friend robert will be missed. >> he was a wonderful man, a very kind man, and myself and my family are gonna miss him dearly. we just told our sons they passed, then they started crying on the phone. >> preliminary investigation shows the plane took off from the air park just minutes before the crash happened. authorities are not sure where they were headed. search teams have found the wreckage of a small plane that crashed into a helicopter near new york city. both aircraft went down into the hudson river, nine people died, 7 of the victims have now been found. here is abc's aaron cater ski. >> police divers pulled more bodies from the hudson river. it's difficult grim work. >> the river bottom is measure key and it's hard for the divers to see in front of them and they are trying to almost operate in the dark.
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>> this salvage crain shifted part of the sight-seeing helicopter from 0 feet of water. 5 italian tourists were on board including a man celebrating his wedding anniversary. they said the collision happened a little more than a middle after the piper lance took off from peter borrow, new jersey on its way to ocean city new jersey for a day at the beach. >> at 8:00 a.m. divers got back into the water. 7 victims have been recovered. >> reporter: the area over the river is outside the supervision of air traffic controllers. one person at least says it may be time to change that. >> after all the information is gathered on this event and others that maybe we will have to take a step back and look at the traffic flow here so that we can protect families and our communities. >> reporter: the work of recovering bodies and wreckagest painstaking. the currents in the river are strong. visibility beneath the surface is poor. what divers can't see they hope
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f.b.i. sonar technology will. but one police captain here compared the work to fumbling around in the dark. aaron cater ski, abc news, hoboken, new jersey. in southern california authorities say a prison riot has been put down but not before 250 inmates were injured. 55 had to be hospitalised in what's being called california's worst prison rye oat in three years. this started at the california institute for men in chino late last night. the injuries raping from stab wounds to head trauma. some of those are considered life-threatening but no staff were hurt. they set part of the prison on fire during that, so no word yet on what happened. eunice kennedy shriver remains in serious condition. she is 88 years old and had a series of strokes. she is the founder and honorary chairwoman of the special olympics. still ahead on abc 2 news tonight, did cocaine really help kill tv pitch man billy
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mays? a report from the medical examiner has angered his family members over the weekend, plus we'll take the plunge with some young athletes who could save your life before the summer ends. this would be a great time to be on the beach the next couple days cristian. >> yeah. >> we forecast a high of 93, hit 92 even though it feels hotter with all that humidity. we have abc 2 weather winner as a result. francis kin dealership ski from middle river, getting a norm lewis bobblehead, whatever everybody wants. >> i think you nailed the pronunciation. >> maybe. i hope i did. i tried francis. we'll be back with the forecast. >> watch abc 2 news any time on channel 1 with comcast on demand.
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now, abc news at 6. 30. president obama is on the way to mexico for a meeting with the president of that country and canada. leaders will address a variety of issues and trade, immigration, drug trafficking and security and the swine flu. the national security advisor says the united states will hold direct talks with north korean leaders over their nuclear weapons if they resume international negotiations. former president bill clinton did not pass on any official message and made no promises during his visit to bring home two american journalists last week. the family of the late tv pitch man billy mays is angry over autopsy results that say cocaine played a role in his death. they said they might try to get an independent look at the autopsy result. they say heart disease was the primary cause of mays' death but cocaine contributed as well. gas prices continue to climb across the country and
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maryland. aaa mid-atlantic reports that the average price is now 2.56, up $10 in one week. why? well analysts say part of the blame is rising crude prizes which went above $70 a barely. that's the fourth straight week of price hikes for crude oil. gas prices have risen 22 cents a gallon since memorial day. in news around the world this evening, spanish police are searching for the people who set off two bombs on the island resort of ma generator ca, they were able to diffuse a third bomb before it wept off. they are blaming a group that is trying to force the bask separatists. the attacks are meant to strike fear among tourists at the height of the summer holiday season. a typhoon has slammed in the east coast of china. nearly 1 million people have been forced to leave the area. it caused the worst flooding in
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years. the storm dumped more than 80" of rain in some parts of southern taiwan. similar problems in india where they triggered landslides. it buried three remote villages. police and volunteers have been digging through tangled rock and tree branches trying to find victims. so far they have pulled 20 bodies from under that heavy debris. now, the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate by weather rate and mars ace most radar. >> tough to deal with the hot whether we had but i guess we have had it coming. >> it's been a mild one so far. >> you think back to even thursday and friday it felt like a touch of autumn in the air. that's all gone. done deal. >> no autumn now. >> i don't even want to say the heat is on, the steam is on. you can cut it with a knife out there. 92 degrees the current temp. but feeling much hotter with that humidity which is
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basically oppressive and only going to be getting more so. and a wind not much of one to cool you off west at 9. severe weather pushing into the far north corner of the state right now, as a matter of fact pig time storm rolling into the elkton area, a couple severe storm warnings with these particular storms. in fact right now cecil county and harford county under a severe thunderstorm warning. now it looks like the track of this particular system will take it generally skirting it northeast of the baltimore area. but i'm not gonna be surprised if we hear a little bit of a rubble across areasville, bel air, into perry man. so all in all a little bit of rough weather crossing again the northeast corner of the state, also moving into the new arc area, up in delaware. there is a look at severe thunderstorm watches and warnings right now. just give you a little better idea here. through 7:15 in cecil county, through 7:30 in harford county, dangerous lightning, the potential for small hail with
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these and certainly dusty winds in excess of 50 miles per hour. these are fast moves, tracking at 45 miles per hour shooting down into the eastern shore and into feds. so it's gonna be a quick system that moves through. this will not be quite as quick. our heat advisory up tomorrow from noon to 10:00. a score cher of a day on tap for monday. if not hot enough today we expected it to be hotter tomorrow. 234 case you are wondering what the pink is it's an excessive heat warning for the philly area. low to mid-90s in many spots, stevensville 96, german town 89, and hanover at 90. normal highs this time of year roughly 80 -- well let me just back up. 86 would be a normal high for you but 92 today. 101 the record in 1930. we don't get close to that but with that humidity it will feel closer to 100 degrees for you. 92 right now, that was also the high today, 90 inies stop,
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tucson river still checking in at 90. this is the early august heat we kind of expect each year, we haven't had it so far this august but it certainly arrived in august. now it's going to continue to be the case into august. watching that fast moving cluster of storms as it moves northeast of ball, impacking northeastern maryland, and take you out just a little wider to show you the culprit in our sort of mini heat wave here, if you look at this broad circulation, a huge area of subtropical, tropical the key word, going to keep the sun baking us and that hot humid air in place at least into late tuesday into wednesday where we'll drop back into the 80 its. but right now not seeing much in the way of precipitation over the next couple of days. our best shot coming tuesday evening with our cool front, this will be the system that will drop those very hot temperatures as we go into wednesday but a couple real hot days ahead. 74 tonight, hazy, humid, a couple of thunderstorms especially northeast of
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baltimore. as we get into tomorrow 95 degrees, but it will feel like more than 100 degrees, so the heat advisory up again all afternoon and tomorrow. seven-day forecast take a look at this, 95 tomorrow, slight chance of thunder, as we go in the tuesday-wednesday time frame starting to cool off a bit, thursday-friday back down into some more sees fastball temperatures into the mid-80s. thanks wyatt. well as the temperatures rises we automatically head for the water under the watchful eyes of maryland's well trained lifeguards. they recently held the lifeguard competition and from the looks of things we're in good hands. >> you crawl under the mat. you go up the hill. you grab a rings to, throw it at the cone in front of it. you then grab a canoe, drag it all the way across to orange one. ♪[ music ]
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it's our responsibility to protect everybody who wants to swim. >> making everyone ready for summer is more fun i think, as bad as it sounds i push myself to a point where i know that i won't drown but i try to go as fast as i can or how my body can handle. >> i'm a beach manager for 2001 powder, a different park will host it so we get to travel around, compete at different parks, fun to compare the different beach environments, everything from as per peak to greenbrier and they get a lot of variety and catch up with each other and talk about different strategies they use at their beaches and show off the skills from training all summer long.
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♪[ music ] >> i need to use that, and help everybody, because not everybody can swim as fast as maybe some of the guards here, so i just need to protect them and hope that i can make a difference. >> the competition out there. sports coming up next. we're going to take you to toronto where they sent 22-year- old brian madison to the mound against toronto. and in canton they open the doors for baltimore once again. ♪
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doctor says i have to lower my cholesterol. here you go, mr. noran. (announcer) trying to lower your cholesterol can be a challenge. but with the help of honey nut cheerios' sweet taste, lowering your cholesterol is a non-challenge. get your free sample online at this is really good! bob carlin is off getting married this weekend. sorry ladies. so i have today's sports highlights for you starting in toronto where the orioles took on the blue jays. the o's struggled at the plate again coming up short, losing today's game by a score of 7-3. the orioles 17th loss in 23
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games since the all-star break. they also marks the second start of madison, he gave up three runs, he has had season- ending shoulder surgery and plans to resume throwing pie spring training. the first baltimore raven was inducted into the nfl hall of fame. rod woodson played for years but only won one super bowl and that was as a raven. it was an emotional night for him. he wanted to leave everyone with one message. >> i leave you today with these thoughts. choose. choose to love rather than hate. choose to create rather than destroy. choose to persevere rather than quit. >> woodson played in the nfl for 17 seasons and intercepted 71 passes. and woodson loved his days in the nfl but he probably doesn't miss days like this at
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training camp. heat or no heat they were back on the field getting ready for the first preseason game. they play the redskins at m & t bank stadium. game time 7:30 thursday night. tiger woods made it two in a row today coming from behind to win the brick stone invitational. padraig harrington had a three- stroke lead over tiger before the day started. tiger charged ahead and ended up leading by two strokes until boeingies put him a stroke behind going into the 16th, that's where tiger took the lead for good as he buried the hole. padraig harrington had a triple bogey in that hole. no way to face up against tiger like that. the white catch was a record breaker. hundreds of fishermen took part in the white marlin open hoping to hook part of that prize money. this year's prize pool was more than 2 1/2 million dollars. the winners included robert ferris of charlotte, carolina. he caught a blue marlin that
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wade more than 1,000 pounds. that fish was worth almost $455,000 in prize money. the first place white marlin was caught by chad really of mass, weighing 93 1/2 pounds. that earned him $903,000. a fine look at the hot hot hot forecast when we come back.
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they have alzheimer's and heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and they've heard that biomedical research offers hope -- that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research for patients, their families, and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research
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and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future. it's life. weather friday, severe thunderstorm watch through the rest of the evening, we have new warnings from cecil county right down through car line county. watch out for some severe weather in that direction. it's going to skirt northeast of baltimore. a heat advisory in effect as we sore to 95 degrees. it will feel even hotter than that. >> looks like a busy night. >> busy night and stay cool out there. >> thanks a lot wyatt. thanks for watching abc 2 news at 6:30, join us for more news at 11:00. good night.
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